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Hello! My name is Michael Traynor and I have an enthusiastic passion for The Brain which has has led me to specialise in NeuroPhysio, get involved in EEGs/Brain Training and become the first to bring Higher Brain Living* to the UK. Higher Brain Living* is an amazing Program which utilises bodywork, modified breathing plus energetic releases with Life coaching based on Ken Wilber’s Integral model to focus people on their goals whilst energising their PreFrontal Cortex bringing larger spontaneous breaths, increased energy, clarity and support to help people reach their fullest potential and shine!

Perfect for Bodyworkers, Breathworkers, Psychotherapists, Life Coaches, Health Coaches, people who love Yoga, Dance, The Three Principles and are ready to move past their being Stuck (grief, self doubt, negativity, lack of energy/motivation) and get back to a life of passion and adventure. If you are interested in finding out more, see HBL and Events pages and visit, like and follow HigherBrainUK on Facebook.

My main clinic where I treat members with MS at discounted rates, but also see people with Parkinson’s or have had a stroke, or just have aches and pains from general Musculo-Skeletal problems or injuries:

The South West MS Therapies Centre | West Grange, Cyst Heath, Exeter, EX2 7EY

Call: 07956 409300


Introducing Higher Brain LivingĀ®to the UK

This Intensive one day of looking at High Intensity Exercise/Energy Cultivation Exercise, Biohacking, Cutting-edge Nutritional tips, experiencing Powerful Visualisation Techniques for Abundance and Self-Worth and Amazing Bodywork activating increased breathing, clarity and inspiration.

Are you struggling coping with stress, overwork, not enough energy, lack of meaning and adventure, not achieving progress in your career and personal life?

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