Transformational Workshop with Higher Brain Living in South Devon

Transformational Workshop with Higher Brain Living in South Devon

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THE NEXT TRANSFORMATIONAL WORKSHOP in Totnes introducing Higher Brain Living on 22nd April 2017 which is on a saturday from 10am till 5pm.

This is an opportunity to experience the amazing Higher Brain Living Sessions and find out about the 22 session program to upgrade your brain, physiology and life by working on action steps in the four sectors of life experience to give the opportunity for a more complete experience of your life potential.

Also Michael has a lot to share about the things that hold us back and the various tools and practices from bodywork to breathwork to getting centred, connected, motivated, supported and clear.

Getting on the table and receiving an exceptional inspiring and energising treatment is worth coming along for and is an experience that gets you into the state of clarity we need.

Also some work on Goal Setting, to get it clear what it is you really want from life in all of its aspects from relationships, fitness, work, purpose, self development, developing your special gifts (or finding them!) and getting them out into the world to help your communities.

We all want to be amazed, to be energised and find adventure and our purpose with passion.

You are welcome to join a group of like minded seekers willing to take action to be more authentic in our life journey.


Carpe Diem!