Exercise Class, Higher Brain Sessions and Workshop

Exercise Class, Higher Brain Sessions and Workshop

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The Tuesday night Exercise Class with Meditation has now moved from The Courtenay Centre to The Avenue Church in Newton Abbot, http://theavenuechurch.co.uk/, is now from 6.45 to 7.45pm and costs £7 per session.

Its great getting back into Falun Gong again!

It is a better room, easy central location, and will give a big energy boost and chill out for a Tuesday night.  Call text or email to let me know if your coming so I can greet you on arrival. 


Higher Brain Sessions are going well in my Exeter clinic, with people getting excellent responses even from their first sessions! If you want a big blast of energy, to breath through your whole body and explore ways to use this energy to energise your life, book in for a session.

I am looking into further sessions in Brighton and London, so let me know if you are from around there a would like to try out a session or would be interested in a day workshop with a small group.


NeuroPhysio – I have been seeing people with strokes for nearly 20 years and it amazes me that I am still just about the only Private Physio who does home visits in the Torbay/ Newton Abbot area despite the huge number of people that can benefit from good quality rehab and advice after they have had their time in the hospital after their stroke.  I’m working on promoting this further…




And now for something completely different…

I have been helping my good friend with his inflatable catamaran business which stormed Kickstarter recently.  We’ve been putting them together which is taking a lot of time making sure all the pieces are ready to go.   I watched Derek (the inventor) sail the Cougar with wind speeds of  around 30mph and above the other weekend near Salcombe .  Bear Grylls has been sent his and Derek is working on one for the Services, but we are still working our butts off getting it all organised to get out all the orders.  I am getting the Cougar as the prices are still mega low!

Check it out on kayacat.com (I’m on the video just after The Cheetah footage with my little angel!)

I looking forward to hearing from you.