During Corona Virus Lockdown

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Since Boris shut most everything down on 20th March 2020, the M.S. Centre in Exeter shut down the week after which has left me twiddling my thumbs and left a lot of people with M.S. without their Hyperbaric Oxygen and Physio to keep them energised, flexible and exercised.

I did go in and record a video of me demonstrating the Monday Exercise Class and I am still trying to figure out how to get it loaded up onto video (youtube on here), hopefully, by the time you read this it will be done.

After initially doing a ton of paperwork to join an agency to get work in the NHS and later finding out that there wasn’t any work! I finally got around to working on writing my book about M.S. and doing a lot of research.

The book will be on Kindle and will cover, my experience at the M.S. Centre over the last 15 years and the common things I have found, also some basics about M.S. in my view, some basic exercises for strengthening , stretches to reduce stiffness and increase flexibility and mobility.  I’ve also put in some stuff on diet, supplementation, breathing techniques, toxicity and references to other really good books on the brain that I’ve come across that all overlap with aspects of what I recommend.

Enough about me! What should we all be doing during the lockdown to improve our immune system?

There are 3 things that I try do every day:

First, I do The Wim Hof Method starting with taking 30-40 deep breaths and then a long hold (for my big lungs, 2.5 to 3.5 mins), then another 30 breaths and a long hold out (1.5 to 2.5 mins for me). I know some people who have practiced this for 6 months can do 4 minute holds easily.  Sometimes I do exercises whilst holding breath which builds a lot of strength as muscles act differently without as much oxygen.  Then I get in the shower and put it on maximum cold for 1-2 mins after I have warmed up and washed.  This burst of cold strengthens your immune system, reduces inflammation, improves vagal tone and is great psychologically to do something you really don’t want to do early in the morning (this is not advised if you suffer with spasms). The free 3-part video. Wim on Covid-19

I am also getting back into Falun Gong which is a version of Chi Gong, a Chinese energy cultivation exercise.  I did run a class teaching this about ten years ago after being taught by a Chinese lady who had been put in a forced labour camp for 1.5 years for doing Falun Gong in China!.  It can take as little as 5 minutes if you do the first exercise or can take 30 minutes if you do the full 6 exercises including meditation at the end.  It can also be done in sitting.  It is amazing what regular practice of this does for your energy levels and feeling of well-being. A link to the full video is here (gives explanations & exercises in detail for you to learn and perfect – for free).

Thirdly I do a meditation separately using the Muse2 headband which is a fancy, Star Trek like device which you put around your forehead that reads your brain waves (beta, alpha, theta, gamma and delta), and gives you positive feedback when you get into Alpha or slower brainwaves.  This gives a profound feeling of peace as does the Light and Sound meditation that I do with a group (online at the moment via Zoom and whatsapp) occasionally.

Hopefully I will bring both a Falun Gong and group meditation to Exeter before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, in this extraordinary time, remember there are many ways to boost your immune system.  Go out, get some fresh air, communicate with people you haven’t connected with for a while and take this time to do something positive (if you have an enforced couple of months off like myself).

Happy exercising !





2020 – The Brain, The Mind & M.S.

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The Brain – Hugely Complex – but there are so many great new books and researchers decoding it with the help of Functional MRI scans and other modern ways of seeing what’s going on.

The Brain

I’ve been listening to several books on audible over the past few months, particularly Steven Kotler’sStealing Fire‘ and ‘Mapping Cloud 9‘ which are both excellent, particularly in looking at what is going on in what parts of the brain according to imaging and an understanding of the neurochemisty as well as the neuroanatomy, which on scans show which parts are lighting up and which parts are dumbing down in certain states, such as in mystical states, being in the zone, in the flow state or in states of profound healing.

Also Dr Joe Dispenza’s ‘Evolve Your Brain’ is a great listen but is very long and detailed but in a good way. I had to replay several chapters, several times but it is great for getting a better idea of neuro, imaging, neurotransmitters, and plenty on meditation and useful practices.

I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the brain’s function because of my clients over the past 14 years with MS with fatigue and brain-fog. It is my feeling that the functional medicine approach is the closest in looking at ways of treating autoimmune diseases, with diet, detoxing, chelating, supplementing and other strategies.

Also, as I have been working with people with Strokes and Parkinson’s since 2000 it would be great to see how the neuroprotective CBD compounds and the new regimes with NADh plus co enzyme q-10 could help reduce brain damage and speed a better recovery from neuropathology.

The Mind

After qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2019 I feel that I have certainly learnt a lot more about the mind and how when we change our inner dialogue and replace negatively interpreted memories with neutral or even positive ones, how much better we can feel and see the world.

I have also stepped up my meditations, and here include some of my favourite masters, Mooji and Sadhguru’s simple meditation from his website.

Stress is the most obvious thing that makes us feel bad and if we are unwell it just aggravates our symptoms – I have seen this many times in MS, so I see meditation and stress reducing strategies as crucial in symptom reduction.

Multiple Sclerosis

I am writing a book about what I have been doing for and learnt from my clients at the South West MS Therapies Centre for over a decade.

There have been so many books, diets, strategies, TED talks, interventions to help MS and the symptoms over the years, and I have followed them all with interest. I have come across another one just the other day which looks worth a look. See Dr Pompa and Palmer Kippola who has just released a new book ‘Beat Auto-Immune‘ that is from the Functional Medicine approach.

I have many plans as usual for the New Year and wish you all well (-:

2019 Hypnosis/ Yoga

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After a year of hard work, lots of reading, free case studies, lots of learning and typing up of notes taken each month in a weekend intensive with a great group (5 others) and lots of Zoom meetings, finally I passed the exams and am now a Clinical Hypnotherapist!!!

We learnt so many tools especially diving into Parts therapy and Regression, but also the Fork in the Path, Coping to Mastery and a bunch of other ways of working with people to help them integrate unresolved emotional stuff that often lies at the bottom their ‘bad’ habits that they have gotten into and want to change. In one case study, a woman who had constant pain agreed to a very simple suggestion in Parts therapy and she had no pain for 2 weeks afterwards (and then she injured her leg)! It is amazing that the mind can agree to turn off pain that has been around for so long, so easily!

Also I had a great weekend in Totnes with Johnathon Fitzgordon of New York looking at his approach to viewing posture to relieve tension on the psoas muscle and lower back. After a 2 hour session on Friday one chap told me he was able to walk without pain in his lower back for more than an hour around the hill of Totnes which he was shocked and amazed by.

It will certainly change how I look at peoples postures and advise people with back pain, and I loved the ‘Psoas Release Party’ – felt amazing afterwards.

I definately recommend everyone to follow Johnathon or have a look at his material to create an amazing change for themselves and others.

Mike x

Exercise Class, Higher Brain Sessions and Workshop

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The Tuesday night Exercise Class with Meditation has now moved from The Courtenay Centre to The Avenue Church in Newton Abbot, http://theavenuechurch.co.uk/, is now from 6.45 to 7.45pm and costs £7 per session.

Its great getting back into Falun Gong again!

It is a better room, easy central location, and will give a big energy boost and chill out for a Tuesday night.  Call text or email to let me know if your coming so I can greet you on arrival. 


Higher Brain Sessions are going well in my Exeter clinic, with people getting excellent responses even from their first sessions! If you want a big blast of energy, to breath through your whole body and explore ways to use this energy to energise your life, book in for a session.

I am looking into further sessions in Brighton and London, so let me know if you are from around there a would like to try out a session or would be interested in a day workshop with a small group.


NeuroPhysio – I have been seeing people with strokes for nearly 20 years and it amazes me that I am still just about the only Private Physio who does home visits in the Torbay/ Newton Abbot area despite the huge number of people that can benefit from good quality rehab and advice after they have had their time in the hospital after their stroke.  I’m working on promoting this further…




And now for something completely different…

I have been helping my good friend with his inflatable catamaran business which stormed Kickstarter recently.  We’ve been putting them together which is taking a lot of time making sure all the pieces are ready to go.   I watched Derek (the inventor) sail the Cougar with wind speeds of  around 30mph and above the other weekend near Salcombe .  Bear Grylls has been sent his and Derek is working on one for the Services, but we are still working our butts off getting it all organised to get out all the orders.  I am getting the Cougar as the prices are still mega low!

Check it out on kayacat.com (I’m on the video just after The Cheetah footage with my little angel!)

I looking forward to hearing from you.



A New Kind Of Exercise Class in Newton Abbot Starts Tuesday Nights @ The Courtenay Centre from March 2017.

Michael is starting a New Kind Of Exercise Class in Newton Abbot from March 2017.

He will be teaching Falun Gong which is a type of Chi Gong energy cultivation system from China which started in 1991 but was sadly banned in China in 1999 because it became so popular (somewhere between 30 and 70million practitioners). The authorities began to come down hard on those practicing and teaching it because they could not control its popularity following a peaceful demonstration to stop the government interfering.

Michael was taught by a lady who had been put in a hard labour camp for 18 months and she had some harrowing stories to tell.

Students Doing Falun Gong in New York.

As well as this powerful energy cultivation Michael is also teaching Psychcallisthenics (Pcals) which is another powerful system of 23 exercises created by Ozcar Ichazo and most recently popularised by Patrick Holford who wrote the Optimum Nutrition Bible and began including Pcals on his workshops as  an optimal exercise workout.

There is some meditation in Falun Gong as a part of the routine but Michael aims to discuss Meditative and transformative practices such as Breathwork, Visualisations Meditation and Goal Setting towards the end of the sessions.

It will be encouraged that people make some goals and take some action towards them, but this will be done in a lighthearted way for those who are interested in personal development.

There will be handouts given at times for those who wish to look at goal setting or who want to repeat some of the Meditations and visualisations at home.

The classes will certainly be on most Tuesday nights from 7 till 8.30pm at the Courtenay Centre in Newton Abbot.

The sessions will be different each time so it is okay to drop in for just one session or you are welcome to come regularly and get to know the exercise systems more completely.

I look forward to seeing you.


Transformational Workshop with Higher Brain Living in South Devon

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michael j traynor higher brain living practitioner and neuro physio in devon uk presents transformational change









THE NEXT TRANSFORMATIONAL WORKSHOP in Totnes introducing Higher Brain Living on 22nd April 2017 which is on a saturday from 10am till 5pm.

This is an opportunity to experience the amazing Higher Brain Living Sessions and find out about the 22 session program to upgrade your brain, physiology and life by working on action steps in the four sectors of life experience to give the opportunity for a more complete experience of your life potential.

Also Michael has a lot to share about the things that hold us back and the various tools and practices from bodywork to breathwork to getting centred, connected, motivated, supported and clear.

Getting on the table and receiving an exceptional inspiring and energising treatment is worth coming along for and is an experience that gets you into the state of clarity we need.

Also some work on Goal Setting, to get it clear what it is you really want from life in all of its aspects from relationships, fitness, work, purpose, self development, developing your special gifts (or finding them!) and getting them out into the world to help your communities.

We all want to be amazed, to be energised and find adventure and our purpose with passion.

You are welcome to join a group of like minded seekers willing to take action to be more authentic in our life journey.


Carpe Diem!


Can You Achieve Lifelong Transformational Change?

In my experience real, lasting, lifelong transformational change is a rarity.

Which is quite a statement when you think of the industry that is built around helping people achieve change.

is lifelong transformational change possible?

I’ve experienced many therapies, workshops, courses and coaching sessions myself and always felt a wonderful sense of achievement and renewed vigour after each one.  But looking back today I can’t honestly say that many courses I did, let’s say ten years ago, have transformed my life long-term.

These therapies did of course  ultimately lead me to the path I now walk and eventually to become a Higher Brain Living practitioner.  So I can’t for a moment say they didn’t help me get to where I am in my life right now.

But it has taken a long time to get here.  Far longer than I would have hoped for and I have seen may people along the way give up or settle, losing the will to even want to make a change.

And of course that is life, we all have challenges that arise, that we need to face and these challenges can feel over-bearing and grind you down.  We only have to look at anxiety and depression statistics to see that carrying our stress for a long time is very, very real.

So what am I getting at here?

Well, my journey has taken me a long time to get here.  Far longer than I would have liked when I set out on it.

Now that I am here however, and with the benefit of experiencing a variety of therapies, I completely identify with Higher Brain Living and the dramatic and swift effect it can have on helping to facilitate change.

Even better than that – lifelong transformational change.

A Shortcut to Lifelong Transformational Change?

The key reason I decided to become a Higher Brain Living practitioner is because I saw how Higher Brain Living can act as a shortcut to, if you will, re-wire the brain.

Imagine if YOU had the tools to re-wire your own brain.  How would that look to you?  What would you achieve without any self-imposed subconscious limits?

I really urge you to take 10 minutes here to really think about these pressing questions.  Sit and allow yourself to imagine and see what you come up with – I’d love to hear your responses.

I can help you on your own journey of lifelong transformational change.  Get in touch with me today to find out more and take the first step on your own journey of change.

My Wish For You

I really do hope that after reading this blog post you have the confidence to book your place on my next workshop or book a 1 to 1 session (click here for details – shameless plug, but it has to be done!!).
Take the steps to create an even better life for yourself – we only live once after all.
I look forward to meeting you very soon.


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My Week of Transformational Change

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michael j traynor higher brain living practitioner and neuro physio in devon uk presents transformational change

It’s been a really exciting time for me recently as I’ve been working on some new and really interesting ideas, particularly in the area of transformational change.

I’ve been looking at ways of bringing together the key elements of all the different therapies I have trained in to create a unique strategy designed to help shortcut results for my clients – transformational change.

When I say shortcut, of course I don’t mean cheating – because life experience I’m sure has taught most of us that cheating always comes back to bite you in the end!

What I mean is simply that I am working on creating a course that takes the key elements of therapies I have personally found, and that my clients have found, to be potentially most beneficial in creating transformational change in yourself.  By combining these elements we can make the best of everything from many therapies for what could mean even bigger results, in a much shorter time frame.

That’s my plan anyway!

So for now I am very interested to hear from YOU.

What would you like to see in my next course and how would you prefer it delivered to help you get the results you yearn for?  How do you learn most effectively?

At the moment I am pondering a day long workshop format vs an ongoing weekly practice – kind of like going to your weekly Yoga class.  But this would be designed for the mind, body and spirit to work together in helping you achieve your goals.

What would really interest you?

What are YOUR goals…?

When I say I want to help you develop your own skills and strategies to achieve your own goals, I really do mean that.  It’s what I do and I see the true value in this every day.

But perhaps what I mean by ‘goals’ and the modern, common meaning of goals are slightly misaligned.

Let me explain.

When I work with my clients I like to focus on transformational change.  The kind of stuff that takes you from where you are, to where you currently can only dream of being.

But how do you do this?

Well a lot of it is to do with analysing critical areas of your life to determine where you are vs where you want to be.  Setting a ‘goal’ in this way helps you to map out your path.

Add in techniques from other therapies I have learnt, including Higher Brain Living, and you have a complete mind, body, spirit approach to help you achieve the success in whichever area of your life you wish to focus on.

And the real beauty is that this can be rinsed and repeated for any area of your life, at any time.

My Wish For You

I really do hope that after reading this blog post you have the confidence to book your place on my next workshop (click here for details – shameless plug, but it has to be done!!).  Take the steps to create an even better life for yourself – we only live once after all.
I look forward to meeting you there.


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What is Higher Brain Living?

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Today’s question is: What is Higher Brain Living®?

Well, that may sound a bit odd coming from me, ‘what is Higher Brain Living®’, as I’m the only Higher Brain Living practitioner here in the UK to date.  But, it’s really meant to be more of a question to get you thinking.

What is Higher Brain Living®?  How does it work?  What does it do?  Is it hard to learn or a scary process?

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So you’ve never heard of Higher Brain Living UK? That’s ok.

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Firstly, welcome!

Welcome to my blog and also to Higher Brain Living®.  You have made a wonderful, potentially life-changing discovery.  And I say none of this lightly, I talk only from experience – both my own and that which I have experienced with my clients.

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