At the beginning of 2016 i started working with Dr Rory McGill who is a medical doctor in Plymouth (see PlymouthHolisticdoctor.co.uk) on his great machines – the Mitsar 201 for doing EEGs and the Nexus 10 for neurofeedback (Brain Training).

Rory is a great Doctor who is very Holistic in his practice which encompasses many techniques and approaches, but i share lots of enthusiasm for Brain training as it seems to me something that everyone should do, all through school into seniority to get the maximum from our grey matter!

The procedure for getting the EEG done is to put on a skull cap with 19 holes in it into which Dr McGill inserts the probes with gel to get a good connection, this takes around ten to 15mins (its easy for baldies like me:-) and then the machine reads the electrical output from the brain with the eyes shut and the eyes open. This info shows what brain waves (Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta) are present, predominent, occassional in the different sectors of the brain.  As such it can be seen what areas may stand out as being unusual due to a direct trauma/fall or a chemical imbalance such as depression/anxiety….. or dyslexic/dyspraxic/synesthesia… not to diagnose, but to be aware so that training can be appropriately targeted.