Michael has been searching and training in many complimentary and alternative techniques since 2001 to give people a better chance of reaching their potential.

Higher Brain Living

In 2015 he went to Chacala, Mexico. to investigate Higher Brain Living and was so impressed with the that he went to Chicago in July 2015 to become the first person in Europe to facilitate this system.

He feels that it has a lot to offer people with fatigue, stiffness, breathing difficulties, lack of clarity (thinking or in life) and possibly even pain and neurological symptoms, so much so, that he had some amazing results with some of his clients in Exeter for a few years.

In 2019 Dr Michael Cotton finally wrote his book ‘Source Code Meditation’ and re-branded Higher Brain Living as ‘Source Code Meditation’.  In the book he gives a lot of detail about the actual bodywork technique which I believe he adapted from the Network Chiropractic he had been doing (Donny Epstein‘s Network Chiropractic which became Network Spinal Analysis).

Have a look here at the incredible Donny Epstein in action!

In the Higher Brain Living system that I trained in, there are several elements. Firstly there is the amazing bodywork which can look quite surreal when you see it on video or in real life, that activates ‘the salutogenic breath’ which is where your body remembers how to breathe much more fully and in rythym with a rolling motion of the spine as energy is released from the base of the spine and moved up to energise the higher functioning parts of our brain. This bodywork (that includes breathwork and energetic releases) is amazing to experience (I was very lucky to have my very first session from Dr Michael Cotton himself, in Mexico in front of a large group!) in that it gives a very big boost of energy and clarity.

For me it totally changes my breathing pattern and I feel like running a marathon (I don’t normally run for anything) with my mind really clear.

For others, it gives much more flexibility of the thoracic and lumbar spine, heightens emotional intelligence (ability to make decisions about problems/issues), heightens intensity and clarity of experience, reduces pain levels, clears brain fog, gives inspiration…..

Whichever of these effects people experience or whether they are turned up to 2 or 11 (of ten), the issue that Michael Cotton wanted to get into was how to use this boost in energy to actually create real changes for people in their lives.

This is where coaching comes in.

Dr Michael Cotton has re-branded Higher Brain Living since writing his book and changed the training with his new goal of the ‘New Human University‘ to change the world.

For me though, I liked the simple straight forward coaching approach to dominate the process.

Although I went back to Chicago in 2015 after my basic training and again in 2017 to recertify I have done a lot of other stuff since then also.

So, as the only person in the UK to be trained and still doing the work I am offering sessions focusing on the coaching aspects to allow people to have a quick analysis of where they are and where they would like to be.

We then use some elements of the bodywork as described above along with a number of other useful aids in gaining clarity and positivity that I have been using with my patients and clients over the past 20 years as a Physiotherapist providing encouragement and motivation.

So if you would like a session, please call me on 07956 409300 to book up a session in my Exeter clinic or to discuss.

Upgrade your, breath, energy, receptivity to solutions and your passion!

Mike (-: