Higher Brain Living

Higher Brain Living (Source Code Meditation)

Michael has been searching and training in many complimentary and alternative techniques since 2001 to give people a better chance of reaching their potential.

Higher Brain Living

In 2015 he went to Mexico to investigate Higher Brain Living and was so impressed with the team and the sessions and Program that he went to Chicago in July 2015 to become the first person in Europe to facilitate this system.

He feels that it has a lot to offer people with fatigue, stiffness, breathing difficulties, lack of clarity (thinking or in life) and possibly even pain and neurological symptoms that he is using the system now in his practice to see if symptoms can indeed be improved by sessions and the personal development side of the system which he has found to be so amazing in his own experience.

He has been giving presentations and demonstrations of HBL to groups who are interested in Devon, London and elsewhere.

He is looking to partner up with top coaches in Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Leadership Skills, Trauma release, as well as Human Potential seekers like himself, to bring the benefits of HBL to the UK and further afield.

In 2018, Dr Michael Cotton finally wrote his book and re-branded Higher Brain Living as ‘Source Code Meditation’.  In the book he gives a lot of detail about the actual bodywork technique which I believe originated in Donny Epstein’s Network Chiropractic.

If you would be interested in booking 2 sessions to see if it may be of use, as it has been to those he is working with at present, or if you have a group who would like a presentation/demo then please contact Michael who would be happy to spread the awareness of the benefits of this exciting new system.