Neuro Physio

neuro-physio-teaserWe are very lucky in this country to have the NHS.  When someone has a stroke  they are taken to hospital where they are managed by a medical team who hopefully manage and stabilise their condition.  Then it is up to the Physiotherapy team to help get them up and back on their feet, hopefully with intensive daily therapy until they are at least up and walking with a stick and are able to be discharged home.


This, in my experience is when the real problems start, when the person who has had the stroke and their families have to deal with the massive change.  The Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Speech and Language Therapists and Physiotherapists may well come and give a few more visits, hopefully at home but then the progress can just stop.


The NHS doesn’t have the resources to continue treating people indefinitely even if continued therapy would be really useful and improve that persons quality of life considerably.

This is where private Neuro Physio comes in and there is not much out there.  If you were lucky enough to be insured then you will get extra sessions of physio usually at the local private hospital.

In my experience there is inevitably a shortfall of support, good advice, and ongoing strategies and programmes in place or on hand to help the individuals affected and their families, assimilate the changes in their lives and strive to reach their highest potential in terms of the fullest recovery.


In some cases I have referred clients on for counselling and even hypnotism to relieve their anxieties and trauma, in others I have found them appropriate ankle (knee/wrist/hand) braces to help with foot/drop (where the person due to weakness has trouble lifting up their toes during walking) and other aids or discussed other issues which may arise.  The key thing is offering a holistic and experienced service to people who are trying to recover the best they can.

In the MS Centre where I am mainly based, I ran Positivity for Health groups for years as I feel that a positive mental attitude is crucial for us to achieve our goals.  We discussed many modalites and techniques from meditation to nutrition and we all have gained a great deal of support from it. is a great source of info for those with MS but also for anyone who wants to see some great research and advice on nutrition for optimal health.