A New Kind Of Exercise Class in Newton Abbot Starts Tuesday Nights @ The Courtenay Centre from March 2017.

Michael is starting a New Kind Of Exercise Class in Newton Abbot from March 2017.

He will be teaching Falun Gong which is a type of Chi Gong energy cultivation system from China which started in 1991 but was sadly banned in China in 1999 because it became so popular (somewhere between 30 and 70million practitioners). The authorities began to come down hard on those practicing and teaching it because they could not control its popularity following a peaceful demonstration to stop the government interfering.

Michael was taught by a lady who had been put in a hard labour camp for 18 months and she had some harrowing stories to tell.

Students Doing Falun Gong in New York.

As well as this powerful energy cultivation Michael is also teaching Psychcallisthenics (Pcals) which is another powerful system of 23 exercises created by Ozcar Ichazo and most recently popularised by Patrick Holford who wrote the Optimum Nutrition Bible and began including Pcals on his workshops as  an optimal exercise workout.

There is some meditation in Falun Gong as a part of the routine but Michael aims to discuss Meditative and transformative practices such as Breathwork, Visualisations Meditation and Goal Setting towards the end of the sessions.

It will be encouraged that people make some goals and take some action towards them, but this will be done in a lighthearted way for those who are interested in personal development.

There will be handouts given at times for those who wish to look at goal setting or who want to repeat some of the Meditations and visualisations at home.

The classes will certainly be on most Tuesday nights from 7 till 8.30pm at the Courtenay Centre in Newton Abbot.

The sessions will be different each time so it is okay to drop in for just one session or you are welcome to come regularly and get to know the exercise systems more completely.

I look forward to seeing you.