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The Higher Brain Living® Program has arrived in the UK this year.  It involves an amazing light touch bodywork, incorporating enhanced breathing, energy point activation, and a coaching process based on Integral Theory which offers huge change for the better in anyone’s life on all levels!

The main thing that differentiates this system is that it actually changes the physiology of the brain as sessions progress to awaken the higher most evolved parts of our brain (e.g. the Pre Frontal Cortex) to allow us to filter our thoughts through our ‘Higher brain’ which is associated with clarity, creativity, joy and purpose rather than the ‘Lower (fight or flight) brain’ which is attached to fear, safety and sameness.

lower brain to higher brain

The Presentation was a talk by Michael on how he found Higher Brain Living® and his experiences with it. Also how it is affecting his clients especially those with Multiple Sclerosis but also the general public over the last 5 months. Then Michael will demonstrate a short version of the technique on a client who has had nearly 20 sessions and she will then talk about her transformations and questions will be answered.

The London talk was scheduled for an hour from 2.30-3.30pm on Friday 8th January 2016 and was very well received:-)  

* If you have a group of people (more than 10) who are interested in finding out more about HBL in Great Britain book a presentation with Mike 07956 409300.*

St James’s Church Rooms Piccadilly

£10 per person.


Michael is a Physiotherapist with over 15 years’ experience in most areas of healthcare but specialised in neuro rehab with the last 11 years working with people with MS and those recovering from strokes.  Also over the last 10 years he has attended workshops and training with pioneers of energy-work, breath-work, body-work and psychotherapeutic approaches over the world to integrate trauma in a holistic manner.   In 2015 he was the first person in Europe to go to Mexico and Chicago to investigate and train in the Higher Brain Living® program which he feels is the best way he has found to date to help people to upgrade their physiology and lives.

In this presentation you will see his enthusiasm and passion for this work, see a session done for a client who during the last 5 months has radically changed her physical and life issues to become in her words ‘someone completely different’.